Cannes Film Festival Special Edition

Publié le 11 juin 2015

May 13 – 25, 2015 marked the 68th Annual Festival de Cannes in the beautiful Cannes, France on te cote d’Azur. This utopia-like city was buzzing as filmmakers, industry buffs, stars, fashionistas, and tourists all converged in this very city for the annual two week celebration. The major components of the Festival consist of the following : La Compétition, Un Certain Regard, Les Films Hors Compétition, Les Séances Spéciales, Cannes Court Métrage, and La Sélection Cinéfondation. All of these are categories where films are either entered into competition or special entries (Hors Compétition and Les Séances Spéciales are not in competition).

But the festival isn’t just a place for films in competition. There are plenty of workshops, conferences, and networking to take advantage for. Le Marché du Film is the world’s premier market boasting 12,000 participants, 4,000 films, and 1,500 screenings.(…)

Sounds like a lot doesn’t it ? Well, there’s more ! There are four more events that take place taht are smaller than the main competition, but equally entertaining and educational : ACID, Director’s Fortnight, Critics Week, and Cannes Film Enthusiasts.

I Am The People is set in the countryside of Egypt. Far from Tahrir Square, Farraj, a South Egyptian farmer, tries to keep up with the many events going on as the revolution takes place.
(…) Capturing this historic moment in time, Anna Roussillon shares contrasting perspectives from the region where their very future is being forged. It’s one thing to get a journalist’s perspective from TV, but CNN and other American media outlets wouldn’t have been able to give us what Anna did. This is a small example of the magic that can only be found at a film festival. For her firts feature documentary. I was left feeling like I witnessed a veteran at work.


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