Cannes Collection : Five Film Festival Highlights

Publié le 8 octobre 2014


4. NEW TERRITORIES dir. Fabianny Deschamps
Debut feature director Deschamps blends documentary and fiction in her film that reveals the lesser-known side to the introduction of a new, more environmentally friendly type of cremation called ‘aquamation’. Despite often following Eve, a French businesswoman, on screen as she works in Hong Kong (attempting to open up the Hong Kong and Chinese markets to aquamation), the film has no scenes with dialogue that is essentially diegetic. Some dialogue is incidental, but the whole film plays out to incredibly haunting narration from a Chinese girl who explains that she has tried to gain illegal passage to the New Territories in Hong Kong, to the south of China. Li Yu’s voiceover takes us to and from Eve’s exploration of the city and eventually links are drawn between the two women’s lives in this unique, experimental, sometimes meandering but certainly original film.

Toby Black - HUNGER TV - 28/05/ 2014

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